A Socioeconomic Contract

Black Masks


PPE Shortage


Economic Enfranchisement

Enfranchisement literally means "to set free."  Economic enfranchisement is the key to social and political justice for any group of people.  A demand for justice is made insistent and peremptory when it is backed by dollars and sense.  It is our responsibility to make sure enough money is circulating in our communities in order to provide food, art, clothing, technology, and shelter for ourselves and our families.  Conteh & Brown is committed to endowing those who are marginalized, socially and/or economically, with the competence to attain economic power.  Returning mothers of the workforce, allow us to polish your resume or CV to give you a potent professional presentation.  Recent graduates, engage our designers to practice mock interviews with you to give you the confidence to sell your best self.  Finally quit your job (or fired...shrug) to invest in your business?  Give us the opportunity to help you sharpen your business brand with website design services, marketing literature, or logo development.  Permit us to act as administrative assistants for your company, answering calls, responding to correspondences with the promptness and the professionalism that will make your brand stand out.  



"Assemble like Voltron"

Urban Garden


Our Home Environments

It is time to develop universal living standards.  Every home should have a garden, potable water, & clean energy.

Girls in a Sports Practice


Our Children's Minds

This is an opportunity to program our children with the psychological & intellectual skills to prosper.

Frames on the Wall


Our Expression

Art is one of our sciences and can be used to reprogram ourselves to return to love & heal our future.

Test Tubes


Our Information

We must ask questions about ourselves & our existence.  We must also be able to investigate & answer them.

Law Professional

Law & Commerce

Our Code

"The rule of law is supreme."  What is our code?  Let's talk shop as an international family about our laws.

Server Installation

Science & Technology

Our Quantum Industrial Leap

What is the quality of Black life?  How can we use science & technology to repair & improve?

These are uncertain times.  We need to abandon the notion that the government will save the people they govern.  If you have been paying attention with your mind's eye, you should know by now that there is no national plan.  There is also something brewing and we aren't being warned.  

For starters, we need to organize: 5 virtual hubs (or teams) in each state.  Each hub should be composed of at least 3 small businesses from each category listed above and supporting community members.

Hubs should meet virtually, once a week, to discuss:

1)  the tasks being accomplished each week by each business,

2)  the support that someone needs from the hub as a collective to complete a task,

3)  the support someone needs from particular businesses in the hub, and

4)  a tight management of the time & money budgets

Our preliminary projects must focus on permaculture, research, and science & technology.

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