Meet the Tullah Holdings crew.  Our individual passions for business were cultivated in the often unpleasant professional experiences we have endured.  The experiences fostered while belonging to an economically marginalized group, we have come to understand the importance of the "side hustle."  As intellectuals, we have seen the light in bridging the gap between the side hustle and the registered operation of a small business in order to achieve economic enfranchisement.

Our group of consultants took to constructing a business model with the expressed intent of getting other melanated women and men into business so as to create job opportunities in our communities.

We help to design business models that are:

1) profitable  

2) sustainable and

3) will create jobs within 6-12 months of operation.


The Team

Shahedah Fornah

Ms. Fornah is a Wake Forest University graduate and a futuristic thinker.  As Business Development Director, she develops relationships with women-owned  businesses in Sierra Leone.  

Zainab Kamarah

Zainab studied psychology at Virgina Commonwealth University.  Her role as Project Developer manages the process of refining your business.  At Tullah Holdings, she keeps the books organized and manages all paperwork like a sentient computer.    

Shauntina Brooks

Ms. Brooks holds a degree in computer engineering and is our in-house coder, creating all the fancy edits for our webpage customers.  In addition to coding, Ms. Brooks repairs technology and keeps our staff afloat with her expertise.  

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