The Design Process 

Our team has created a reliable process that produces quality work, keeps business owners energized and organized, keeps career builders motivated, and generates income.  Learn about the process and how you can make it work for you.

First, schedule your one hour consultation on Skype or FaceTime.  Use the Consult page, send an email, or call for an appointment.

During your consultation, your designer will ask you questions that are relevant to understanding how your business works or what type of employment you want to attract, and what your short and long terms goals are.  Feel free at this time to load your designer with as much information as you care to share.


After a consultation, your designer will email you a Project Scope PDF.  This document lays out a design plan that will develop your business or your career in the direction and magnitude of your dreams.

Once you have looked over your Project Scope and have determined that you like what you see, the real design fun begins.  A detailed outline of tasks, their completion dates, and a full invoice will be generated for you.  A 25% payment towards your invoice will initiate design services.

What happens if you don't like what you see?  No love lost.  We are grateful for the opportunity to build with you and learn about your business or career.  Time spent learning and building is never wasted.

Once the work day is over, however you proceed, be sure to celebrate yourself at the end of the day for being a boss.

Organized.  Focused.  Accountable.

Part of having a successful brand or being a successful professional is about staying organized and accountable.  Your designer will make daily/weekly contact with files that detail the progress of the design work.  This is how you and your business stay organized, your designer stays focused, and everyone is easily held accountable.

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