How Coronavirus Will Change "Business As Usual"

COVID-19 is a new (or novel) strain of the Coronavirus, which is a category of illness. Do not be fooled by the statistics. Although many more people contract (and die of ) the seasonal flu, this is not something to dismiss for a few significant reasons.

Seasonal Flu v. COVID-19: What's the difference?

Both the seasonal flu & COVID-19 are viruses and can cause a person significant harm. Additionally, both diseases can cause those with underlying (chronic) conditions greater harm and increase likelihood of fatality.

In the following diagram, the CDC outlines symptoms specific to the common cold and symptoms shared by the seasonal flu and COVID-19. Please note the outstanding difference between the seasonal flu & COVID-19 is shortness of breath. In severe cases, COVID-19 can also result in pneumonia, causing severe chest pain and more severe shortness of breath.

As the COVID-19 virus replicates in your lungs, it causes a significant mucus and fluid build up that results in pneumonia and shortness of breath. This is why COVID-19 is often requiring hospitalization, whereas the seasonal flu can most often be weathered at home by healthy people. COVID-19 was sending 20% of patients to the hospital in China at the height of the outbreak; only 1-2% of seasonal flu cases require hospitalization.

What can you do to keep your business secure?

Your health, and that of those around you, is most valuable. Keeping a clean and sterile environment is your first good measure in protecting yourself and others. A clean and sterile is far more than a traditional deep cleaning. A disinfecting and cleansing regiment using effective chemicals that are able to denature the proteins of bacteria and viruses

COVID-19 is transmitted through droplets. Touching the droplets on an infected person's hand--or from a surface an infected person has touched--and then touching your face is how this virus is moved from person to person. Disinfecting and cleaning all surfaces frequently can help to slow the spread.


Create a closed system in your establishment. Using one entrance for employees in which there is a "stop-gate" area to disinfect, remove, or store soiled garments and footwear can help prevent tracking the virus through the building. If possible, have customers enter through a similar stop-gate area where they can immediately disinfect themselves and items they bring.

It may be a few months before we are all operating as usual again. Virtual meetings, online education, and personal protective equipment will be the new norm while we navigate a healthcare nightmare and economic uncertainty together.

Follow our blog for up-to-date and researched information about COVID-19 and the services we are offering (or can connect your business to) in order to support the business owners in our community.

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