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Remember that song "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai?  Look those lyrics up right now.  Interesting plot twist.

Parents that are working from home, what is your experience with virtual school?  It seems that virtual school may offer some logistical solutions for barriers to education access.

But there are likely just as many logistics for families with parents who are working outside of the home.  Parents who are not working from home, check in.  What is your experience like?

Check out one of our little ones on his second day of virtual school.  Mommy is actually very much loving virtual school.


Small Business Economics

Absorbing the costs of COVID-19 Testing as a small Business

COVID-19 has significantly increased the cost of doing business while not always increasing profit margins.  A major cost of doing business, specifically in healthcare and educational industries, is testing.

From the headlines about lack of testing availability and even compromised testing kits, there is a lack of coordinated resource points to test widely and quickly.

More importantly, who absorbs the cost of the COVID-19 tests in the employee-employer relationship?


Changing Spaces:

Industrial Hemp & Whatever is next

These are exceptionally unusual times.  It very much feels like we are in a period of transition and we are collectively clueless as to what comes next.

We are in a time of reckoning.  Many systems are being more closely assessed and some exposed as dysfunctional, unsustainable, racist--all seasoned by ubiquitous violations of human rights.

But what replaces these systems that facilitate our daily lives but are now intolerable?  For example, how will we manufacture goods if petroleum, an integral ingredient in virtually all goods we use, is not a sustainable choice?

How do we maintain the developed world's access to potable water if economic crises and infrastructural failures occur? How can we increase the under-developed nations' access to potable water?

We don't know what is coming next.  Is it not at least worth coming together to discuss contingency plans for our children?  For the next generation whose future depends on what we do now, join a forum.  Talk to me.


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